Sunday with the Professor and Ian

I love Sundays …

morning coffee and coos |church and fellowship | the Callicoon Farmers Market | enjoying more coffee – a cup of Java Love while we stroll through the market | seeing friends and neighbors | supporting our local farms | a view of the River | and picking up the most interesting things to bring for Thanksgiving | how about Russian Kale with Jerusalem Artichokes …?

but mostly its a day for the Professor, me and Ian


Dear Ian | this storm called sandy

Dear Ian –

I wrote this for you on November 2 – during the aftermath of Hurrican Sandy (We were without power – so I was unable to post it then) Our powe went out at about 6pm on Monday October 29 – and came back on some time on Monday November 5.  We really made out fine … many people lost their homes and personal belongings during this storm.  Others lost much much more…

As daylight faded and we settled into our new routine of fetching water and lighting candles, I had the thought that life certainly was not easier in times past – but it was more … simple.  Today, we live in a world where people are fearful of opening their doors to a stranger in distress; where a few days without electricity sends us into a tail spin.  I will admit it took a couple of days for me to stop reaching for the light switch when I went into the basement… and to really feel enveloped in the silence that surrounded our home without all of the “white noise”  I will admit that I miss my lights and my flushable toilet – but I have to say – Going to my parents to take a shower remindedme  of coming home from college.  It felt … comforting …Except, this time, instead of a college friend, I was accompanied by my husband and my son.

This time has me thinking…

How much do we really need… of anything?  In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt – A little simple living is the first step toward rational living I think

Are we prepared? Are we really paying attention to what is going on around us? Are we leaving this world a better place for you and your children and their children? As in the Indian Proverb – we must treat the earth well; it was not given to us by our parents- it was loaned to us by our children

Television is a luxury – buy an etch-a-sketch or do like Aunt Claudia – play charades by candlelight!

I love you Always,