Dear Ian | you are 6 months today!

Happy Half Birthday my sweet little man! I cannot believe that it has been six months already since you arrived on this planet! This morning when we were singing our morning songs you were there as a person smiling with eyes sparkling, full of love. You must just know what joy you have brought to our lives each and every day!

I have enjoyed this time with you so much. I love our little routines of morning time, walks in the woods, going to church and visiting the farmers market. Everyone there knows you and cannot believe how you have grown. Soon you will be running around and we will have to chase you for sure!
Every day has and will continue to be an adventure!

Right now you are napping and we are waiting for Daddy to come home so we can have dinner and you can have your first taste of rice cereal; which we have made ourselves. So, from today on, you will no longer be relying solely on Mommy for your sustenance. I do have mixed feelings about that. One thing I do not have mixed feelings about … that is YOU!

I love you always,