Dear Ian | “one of those days”

Dear Ian,
Every once in a while you will have “one of those days” – the kind that leaves you with questions about people – purpose- intentions – loyalties. Sometimes you may hear about what you are doing “wrong”. Sometimes a situation will just linger over you like a cloud – refusing to clear – but not letting it rain for relief.
So … what to do …
Always check in -Ask what, if anything, you might be doing to contribute to the situation. Accept and address what you discover. Even if you may not like to see or acknowledge these things in yourself – do it anyway. Accept also that, sometimes, the situation is not about you. In which case there is little you might do to change it.
In either case – give yourself a break. So long as you have not deliberately set out to hurt or wrong someone. If you like, take a bath and go to sleep. The new day will bring with it a new perspective and always a chance to begin again. Be grateful.
I love you Always,

PS Thank you for helping me through one of those days.