A New Moon and a New Moon Writing

I really do want to do this writing thing. Really… but how to find make the time to focus and then to commit? Is that where the saying “Just Do It” comes in?  I suppose its like anything else, getting started is the hard part. But wait, I did start, didn’t I?  Yes! I remember .. it was that whole blog about birthdays as the time to start something new, to set goals etc. OK, so that was … almost 9 months ago!  Oh boy.

There is no one watching over my shoulder here – in fact, I think at this point I maybe have two readers.  They will usually read when I send them the post.  What good friends they are.

So, here goes, again –

Today is a new moon … Yesterday was a new moon and this is my new moon writing.  It is my intention to give writing a fair chance as something that get to occupy time in my life.  I want to do this – I will do this.