“a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014”

I completely missed last week… Here we are in week 13 of 2014.  The Professor took this photo while Ian was coloring over the weekend.  Coloring is one of his absolute favorite things to do.  In fact, we all enjoy it.  The Professor, being a Professor, asked me the other day, ” What do you suppose the purpose of coloring is?  Is it for motor skills or creativity?”  My response was, “How about if it has no purpose?  Wouldn’t that be just perfect!”




“a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014”

Ian and Tulips!  Here Ian is trying to smell a tulip.  At one point he thought perhaps he would just taste it.  I never can get over the magic of these moments; exploring the simple things like smelling a flower can be so amazing.  We are counting down the days and so ready for spring!


Ian Skiis

“a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014”

The Professor brought skis home for Ian this weekend.  We decided to leave them around so that he could slowly discover them.  Now, each morning, he exclaims “Ski!  Ski!” and takes them down to slide around the living room floor. He will be bombing black diamonds in no time!

Farewell February. I am leaving you behind.

 “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”  Rachel Carson, scientist, environmental activist and author of Silent Spring

I am glad to see February gone.  Farewell.

 I am delighted that today, March 1,  is a new moon, and once again a chance to focus intentions.  Not that we shouldn’t focus our intentions each day; but the new moon begins a cycle and a ceremonial way to make a new start, set a goal – much the same as New Year’s Eve.

February was hard.  There was, of course, the weather.  Mother Nature has surely decided to give us a stern reminder of who is in charge around here.  I cannot dispute the beauty of this winter, it has surpassed any I can recall.  The snow has been awesome; it reminds me of when I was a kid.  But I am really ready for spring; aching for it.  I am done with treacherous roads, subzero temperatures outside and achy drafts inside. The woodstove has lost its romantic appeal, I dislike it intensely.  I am tired of ski season and I have cabin fever.   Aside from the weather, February was just a challenge.  It seems that a gray veil of stress, disappointment, worry and bad news hung over, heavy and still, refusing to shift. February was not only cold, it was lonely. Thank goodness it was short.

There is a new moon and this is my new moon writing.  As Rachel Carson said, dawn follows night, spring follows winter.  Mother Nature will again show us her forgiving self.  In these early hours of March with a new moon, I envision good things germinating, like seeds waiting for Spring, which is with certainty on its way.   They have been battered by the roughness of winter and made stronger for it.  They are stretching from their slumber, reaching up and out.  With some nurturing they will come to life.