Ian is 2! Snapshots from the day.

DSC06490 IMG_0107




IMG_0105 IMG_0074 IMG_9646

We had a tractor party for Ian’s 2nd birthday.  It was so much fun to plan, implement and enjoy.  Photos above:

A traditional family photo taken this year at the “hay maze” we built in honor of our tractor lover’s tractor party.  We are so grateful to live in a farming community where we know our neighbors and can “borrow’ a few bails of hay.

Some party embellishments.

Ian enjoying some time with cousin Hunter, his best buddy!

Ian taking a ride on his OWN tractor, with a green icing smeared face compliments of mommy’s tractor cake!

The tractor cake in question.

Pop Pop’s gift of Civil War stamps.

Morning birthday celebration with Mommy and Daddy – enjoying tractor toast!

Oh… I cannot believe this was my little boy just two years ago….  I love you buddy.

Always, Mommy


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