a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014.

Ian had such a great time the last two weeks watching the building of Mysteryland at Bethel Woods.  For him it was “Big trucks,” “Big trucks too!” and “Tractors!” … a happy boy! Here he is looking at the tipis and flags that were placed temporarily on the original site of the stage at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.




a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014

A boy and his dog.  Ian and Lincoln in “pop pop’s truck”.  Ian facing forward finally! What an exciting day – riding in the truck, the dog, dump day and facing forward. He loved it – all of it! We did too.


Ian with Pop Pop Frangipane

     “a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014”

Ian with Pop Pop, having a snack.  This was one of those sweet moments, they didn’t know I was there.

Pop Pop came to hang out while the Professor and I put Ian’s new crib together.  He has grown so much that he was quickly outgrowing the crib that we have been using that was designed for small spaces.  His Godmother warned me that he would stop growing, like a gold fish, if we didn’t get him a bigger crib.  She is quite the comedian.

Dear Ian | You are 21 months today …


The robins and red winged black birds have returned. The sun and wind are melting the final bits of snow and drying the fields. Spring has returned to our little farm estate and with it has come a whole new amazing experience.   There was not a cloud in the sky as we walked back and forth and around the yard enjoying this beautiful day. There was a spring, not so long ago, filled with loss and  a few that followed where I would close my eyes and imagine a child sharing the beauty of this place.  I recall very clearly the feelings of longing, hope, determination and, at times, desperation along our journey to you. And here we are.

Ian, at 21 months you are discovering the world, and your place in it.  You love to be outside and are very content to walk back and forth between the house and the barn.  Sometimes kicking a soccer ball; other times throwing a tennis ball.  All the time looking around and marveling at things, calling them out.  Occasionally you point  in  excitement and exclaim – “Trees” or “Burrd”.  I am filled with joy and wonderment, seeing birds or trees as though for the first time.  Its truly amazing.

You are curious, with a sense of adventure and a determined will.  Sometimes its tiring … I must admit; but I hope these things will stay with you always.

A friend told me recently – “The days drag on; the years fly by.”  This is so true.  I recall 21 months ago as though it was yesterday.  You arrived into this crazy world; and our world changed forever.

I love you Always,




“a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014”

I completely missed last week… Here we are in week 13 of 2014.  The Professor took this photo while Ian was coloring over the weekend.  Coloring is one of his absolute favorite things to do.  In fact, we all enjoy it.  The Professor, being a Professor, asked me the other day, ” What do you suppose the purpose of coloring is?  Is it for motor skills or creativity?”  My response was, “How about if it has no purpose?  Wouldn’t that be just perfect!”



“a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014”

Ian and Tulips!  Here Ian is trying to smell a tulip.  At one point he thought perhaps he would just taste it.  I never can get over the magic of these moments; exploring the simple things like smelling a flower can be so amazing.  We are counting down the days and so ready for spring!


Ian Skiis

“a portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014”

The Professor brought skis home for Ian this weekend.  We decided to leave them around so that he could slowly discover them.  Now, each morning, he exclaims “Ski!  Ski!” and takes them down to slide around the living room floor. He will be bombing black diamonds in no time!