A portrait of my child | once a week | every week | in 2014

Ian has taken to helping with watering the flowers and vegetable garden.  He has his very own watering can!


I started this conversation last century.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday.  I sat on the steps of my front porch on a warm, sunny afternoon, pen in hand, paper at the ready and I wrote.  I wrote a “note” saying how much I loved this house and especially loved the property; how at home I felt here; and if ever there came a time that the house were to be for sale, I would certainly appreciate the opportunity to purchase it.  I believe that was the summer of 1998.  My goodness, that was in the last century… I inquired several times about the possibility and although there was never a definitive “no”, there was never an indication of maybe or yes.  I really have to try to get that letter back and add it to a home scrap book!

I have never felt like this place was temporary and so I never treated it that way.  Within reason I always had the freedom to treat it like it was my own.   A lot has happened along the way. This house and its grounds have seen so much of my life.  A couple of boyfriends; one fiancé; several campfire girls nights; friends from far and near who have bunked here, inside and out; Logan; snowshoeing; some chanting and moon howling, a husband and Ian.

When the Professor came along, together we invested time, passion, sweat and some equity into the grounds mostly.  We created walkways, patios, gardens and gathering places; always with the thought in mind of entertaining friends and family.  When I envisioned Ian, I saw him sleeping in the sun of the vegetable garden while we worked, and then running around the yard and later exploring in the woods.  When we planted the pin oak that was gifted to him, I knew we had set the intention to stay here.

Now, in the middle of the winter of 2014, I am snug inside on a laptop and writing to say we have  signed an agreement to purchase 668 West Shore Road.  We are on our way to becoming “homeowners” and looking forward to the great adventure ahead.  I hope you won’t mind if I bring you along as we Renovate 668!